Triple R Farms

Lewistown, Montana

Was founded based on our drive, desire and dream to be self- sufficient, and with the belief that family is what makes dreams become reality. Side by side we work together, caring for our animals, as well as tending, picking, and making delicious Delights from the produce grown here at Triple R Farms. Triple R Farms also Specialize in breeding, raising, and selling Standard Rex Rabbits as well as Meat Mix Rabbits. Our Rabbits have been known to be calm and cuddly. Perfect for 4-H and Pet! Farm visits are welcome by appointment.

Nothing brings us greater joy then working in the garden and taking care of the trees we have growing here.  Our produce is grown with no pesticide or chemicals. We use only organic fertilizer from our animals that we raise.  How accomplished it makes one feel to look in our pantry and see canned goods full of our carrots, beans, applesauce and more! Triple R Farms products are made with our Apples and Chokecherry trees that were planted in the 60's by Bryans Grandparents.

Triple R Farms has more produce growing and maturing each year that will soon be added to our delicious Delights!!!


Farm visits are welcome by appointment.

Come see us during the week at Marigold Market- 122 West Main, Lewistown MT!

Our Store is packed full of Montana Talent!! You want Local Montana Made, decorative, functional, or edible products? We have it!! Triple R Farms Produce, Toppings, and Hard Candy are sold here seasonally as well!!

Where Tradition Grows

Visit For availability of produce and rabbits or call (406)350-3204


         Delightful Chokecherry Hard Candy!

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